2003 Photo Album, continued

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More sightseeing.  This time at the world famous Natural Bridge.  The action of the ocean along the rocky north coast of
Aruba has created a bridge over the ocean.

We enjoyed many meals together, including this coffee and pastry break at the Smit & Dorlas coffee shop.

Here, Jaden and I get to spend some quality time together.

A quick game of soccer in the patio of Ah-Mah's house.

We spent one week at the Holiday Inn in Aruba.  A nice break from the routine.

Lot's of fun in the pool every day.

Our last picture together, at the airport, just prior to our departure back to Maryland.  From right to left:
Jaden, Lydia, Robin, Ali, Mom, Christopher, Agnes, Peter, Nicole, Stephanie, Maya, Ryan, and yours truly.
Time to go back to cold Maryland.

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