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Interview with Zamir Ayubi on Chill 95 FM Bonaire Radio 2/19/2021 (audio)

Chill FM Interview
Interview on Aruba Radio (Blue 107.5 FM)

DVG vaccine promotion
I participated in Vaccine promotion in Aruba

valuation at $2200
This site valued at over $2,200 (GoDaddy, Feb 2021)

RRM3 Award Goddard
RRM3 Engineering award from Goddard Space Flight Center (Dec 2020)
I was the electrical lead on this project and responsible for the design,
construction and test of the electrical system.
Information on this mission is here.
As of this writing, this video is available only on an internal NASA site.

NASA Facebook event Intro Event (May 2020)

"No Lubida" (Do not Forget) video (April 2020)

Interview on Aruba.TV for Covid-19 (April 2020)

Presentations at the Iberio School in Aruba
Article 1 & Article 2

RRM3 tools
Story on about RRM3

Article on
Article on NASA.GOV on RRM3 Mission (6/18)

Science on a Sphere on Diario (11/17)

I appear at 2:10 in this video from  It is a hommage to the
national anthem of Aruba (11/16).

Stephanie and I participated in NASA's message to the Star
Trek series of TV shows.  You see us at 0:40 (9/16).

Power FM 101.7 interview
Interview on Power 95 FM with Tito Lacle on occasion of my
speaking at the 2016 Graduation of the International School
of Aruba (6/16)
Video of speech
Audio file of interview

FireWalker at TEDxAruba
Splinter project from my TEDx event.

TEDxAruba 2015
TEDxAruba 2015 (9/15)

Aruba Dushi Tera Magazine
Article in Aruba Dushi Tera (Aruba Sweet Homeland)
(9/15).  Web Edition.  Archived.

Hits100 FM Aruba
Interview with Aldrich Croes (6/15)

cmu school of art
Stephanie is featured as the profile image of CMU's School of Art Facebook page.
She graduates in 2015 with Honors with a degree in Physics and Art (4/15).

Pepsi sponsored commercial I shot for Skatezone skating rink (3/15)

Awe Mainta art show
Art show in Den Haag, Netherlands by Gustave Nouel (1/15)
Awe Mainta,

Kuipers Interview
Interview with ESA astronaut Andre Kuipers for Hubble 25th anniversary (1/15).
"De Kennis van Nu" program (aired March 2015)

NTR Interview
Interview with Dutch Television network NTR producer
Edda Heinsman on Hubble's 25th anniversary (1/15).

WPI Leshin
Video and article from WPI on the inauguration of the new
university president (Laurie Leshin) (11/14).

Orb launch
Failed launch of Antares/Orb-3 taking
Ammonia Leak Locator into space (10/28/14).
Original article.

Our second video on skating is also featured on the front page of our rink.

USA Today article on SWA
July 2014.  USA Today article on SWA's inaugural flight to Aruba.

Diario article
Article in Diario on at the occasion of Phase 2 work at JSC (3/28/14).

skatezone screensnap
Our skating video is featured on the front page of our rink's web site (Feb 2014).

Morning news on Phase 2 of
Robotic Refueling Mission (10 Dec 2013).

Interview in the Dutch e-magazine for beginning
college students from the ABC islands (7/13).  Archive.

twitter post
Twitter post from NASA Reduced Gravity during our Zero Gravity Flight.

TeleAruba interview
On TeleAruba for the arrival of 2012DA14.  Interviewed by Dilma Arends.

Innovation Center on Google maps
Innovation Center on Google Maps (August 2012)

Yale Scientific April 2012
Article in April 2012 Yale Scientific.  Cover.  Archived.

Article in the
Arrival of Discovery at Udvar-Hazy
Smithsonian Museum

Article on on Satellite Refueling (3/12).
Also in (4/12).

Multi-part interview by Rafael Croes on the "AlCaso" program
on the Aruban Cable TV Canal22 (January 2012).

Youtube video of PM new years speech
Prime Minister Eman's (of Aruba) new year's message.

Segment on the Aruban's childrens program "Conoce Nos Talentonan"
produced by Richard Jacobs (December 2011).

The Rice Thresher article
Article in Rice University Magazine.  Archived.

WPI mailing
Leaflet from my Alma Mater to alumni (Nov 2011).

Cheung Center for Innovation
Green Aruba II Conference and Center for Innovation (October 2011)

GSFC Critical path
Article in NASA GSFC's publication.  Archived.

Skating contest from
In September 2011, Stephanie and I won second place in a nationwide
skating contest from
Click here to view our contest submission.

mimeo site
My nephew was selected to appear on the
Mimio website (defunct now).  Archived.

Once a week, Yale Magazine highlights one of its graduates that made the news. 
Good or bad.  On 8/5/2011, it was me.  Compared to Dr. Ben Carson, Meryl Streep,
and past US Presidents, surely, I must be in the latter category.  Archived. article
Article in (August 2011).  Archived.

8/1 article in the Morning News (Rosalie Klein)

bon dia aruba article for launch day
Launch day article in (7/9).

Article on on STS-135Archived.

article in bondia aruba
Article in Bondia Aruba (6/25)
by my good friend Rosalie Klein.

morning news
Front page article on STS-135 (6/23).

Interviewed by Erik Trinidad (6/1/11).  The video is here.
NASA's fun blog on this event is here.

On 10 April 2011, Stephanie participated in the Scholastic Olympics.
(Article in

In November 2011, I received a heritage award from the
Institute of Caribean Studies

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Robert Goddard Award.
in October 2011.

Al Gore
Invited by the Prime Minister of Aruba, I spoke at the
2010 Green Energy Conference in September, and met
Fmr Vice President Al Gore.

Profile on my Alma Mater's web siteArchived. in May 2009 (Archived). article
Story on Space.comArchived.
Also carried on

Full page in Aug 2010 NASA GoddardView (Archived)
also carried on

On July 15 2010, we celebrated our 19th anniversary.  The picture was shot during our
family reunion in Italy.

NASA Excellence in Engineering Award Medal
I received the NASA Exceptional Engineering Award (NEEAM)
in June 2010

Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar
On June 10, Jocelyn Croes (Aruba Proxy Minister) held a
reception for Aruba's Minister of culture, Michelle Winklaar.

RNW banner
On 28 April 2010, I received the honor of a lifetime.  I became
a Knight in the Royal Order of the Netherlands Lion.
More here

In May 2010, I was pictured in an article on Air&Space magazine on my boss
Mr. Frank Cepollina (shown with his hand gesturing in the image). 
Larger sizeOnline version of article.

For the 2010 Arubadag (Aruba day), we were invited to the home
of the Minister Plentipotentiary of Aruba, Mrs. Jocelyn Croes.

NASA Systems Award
Systems team members
On March 12 2010, my teammates and I on the HST SM-4 Systems Team
received the NASA Systems Engineering Award.

PoetsTV award
In December 2009 I am named "Person of the Year" by PoetsTV from Aruba.
Click on image for full size.

Article in the November 2009 issue of Gameroom Magazine.
Click here for the full article (thanks to Robert Sitz for pointing this out to me).

I filed this iReport on when
Senator Ted Kennedy passed away (August 2009).
Click on the image to go to the iReport.
Click here for a full screensnap.

the news 2009
News articles about my lecture in Aruba in August 2009.

Lego award
Christopher's team won a LEGO team award in 2009.

Profile in the February 2009 edition of
Focus Caribbean Magazine.

wfc3 feature movie
Two NASA mini-movies on WFC3 and the Final Mission in 2008
- Last mission to Hubble.
- WFC3: Extending Hubble's Vision.

Traveler profile
Short profile in "Traveler" magazine in 2008

Poets TV in the SSDIF cleanroomCamera Man for Poets TV
In 2008, Jan Poets and I filmed two documentaries for SM-4.  One was at GSFC (top),
and the second KSC (bottom).

Other news articles on SM-4:

Profile in the 2007 "Destination aruba" magazine.  This is a travel magazine that is
distributed year-long throughout the Caribean by airlines.
Note a picture about my pinball machines in the article.

Paseo Herencia photo
At the unveiling of my portrait at the Paseo Herencia Mall in Aruba in 2007.

science year in review 2007
I was featured in the 2007 edition of Hubble Science Year in Review.

Full page article in The News (1/06).

Lecture in 2006 at the Universidad di Aruba

Research Center Opening in 2005

miles o'brien
I met Miles O'Brien in 2005 during the Hubble Robotic Mission preps.

Interview on ATV in 2005.

04 calendar
In 2004, I was amongst those that were featured
on a calendar of island notables.

Stephanie and Christopher at the news desk of the
local NBC affiliate (ATV) in 2004.

Silver Snoopy Award
I received my Silver Snoopy in 2003

Diario in 2003
Our arrival in Aruba in 2003.

Notable CaribbeansNotable page
In 2003, I was profiled in this book on Notable Caribbean people.
Click for the excerpt on Google Books.

Edition of 'Mission Chronicles on NASA's SM3B site.
Follow up edition.

Interview with Astronaut Story Musgrave in 2002

Izzy's book
In 2002, Isabelle Charbonneau used images from

my site to draw this book on space for kids.

Visit with the Governor of Aruba in 2001 was published
on the front page of the local paper (Diario).

On the front cover of Home Automation Magazine in 2001.

Washburn award
In 2000, I received the "Ichabod Washburn Young Alumni Award for Professional Achievement" from my Alma Mater Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

pic2000 award
In 2000 I won four of the seven prizes of the Internet PIC 2000
design contest, including the top three.

NASA Tech Briefs on SBIR project with Merritt Systems Inc (1/1993).
Associated image.

The News, on occasion of Mt Erebus exploration (12/1992).

My Ph.D. dissertation from 1991.

The News (Aruba 10/1990).

La Prensa (Aruba 10/1990).

Diario (Aruba 10/1990).

The News (Aruba 10/1990).

Extra (Aruba 8/1990).

Wall Street Journal Marketplace (7/1990).

Science News (6/1990).

New Haven Register (5/1990).

Yale News (2/1989).

Graduation picture in Diario (6/1986).

Visiting MITRE Corporation and appearing in the Bedford Bulletin (11/1984).

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