2003 Storyland Trip

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Another travel trend in our family is the reoccuring trip to Storyland in Conway New Hampshire.
It is suited for small children, and has a collection of rides and attractions for that age group.

Dinner in Boston China Town.

Alaskan King Crab served Chinese style.  Yummmm!

My daughter caught then released this butterfly at my sister's house.

Inside the park.  My daughter as Mother Goose.

In the carousel ride.  My son found a plastic sword in the bushes, and we decided to keep it.

While at the Park, we stayed at the North Conway Grand Hotel.  It is right next to an outlet mall,
so we went shopping on the second day (made the ladies very happy. Charge!).

My brother and his daughter.  What a nice picture.

My nephew enjoying a ride on the swingset at the outlet mall.

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