2004 New Year Holiday in Aruba

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As is our custom, we spent the New Year Holiday in Aruba. We arrived on December 27, 2003.

On the first day there, Stephanie found and caught a lizard that we kept for a short time.
Her and her cousins are fascinated by small animals.

Lunch with a view.  We had many nice lunches with the whole group at home with a view of San Nicolas and the
Aruba coast line in the back.

Ah-Mah with her two youghest 'kids'.  Pongo and grandson.

We visited Baby Beach a few times.  This Beach is famous for its shallow water that is in a protected bay.
The sea is only a few feet deep with few waves.

Here we are with Agnes' Mom (Oma).  She was recovering from kidney surgery, and
coping with dialysis.

At the entrance of the Quadirikiri cave during one of our explorations of the natural treasures on the island.

Inside the cave's famous sun lit caverns.

On one of the north coast beaches, Aunti R. picked up this small sand crab.
Her son is riding in the back-pack on her back.

At the playground at the Aruba Beach Club.

Ah-Mah's six grand kids with a sunset at the Aruba Beach Club in the
background.  The bright sun in the background demands a very high dynamic
range, and it was difficult to make sure the kids' faces were not too dark.

The sun had set in this picture, but light still reflected off the upper clouds to produce this
amazing scene.  Note the oil tanker for scale.

At the ABC pool side.

Pool side pictures at the Aruba Beach Club, this time towards the sea.

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