Arizona / Grand Canyon Vacation

In April, Mom joined us for a few weeks and we visited Arizona and the Grand Canyon.  Here are some photos of the trip.

The morning after we arrived it was Easter Sunday (4/8/07),
and we celebrated with a nice breakfast at the Good Egg.
All the waitresses wore bunny ears that day, and there was a
funny little toy dancing bunny on display.

We arrived in Phoenix and stayed at the Phoenix Artisan Hotel.  After that, we headed north to Flagstaff.

The route north the Flagstaff.

Our first stop on the way to Flagstaff was Montezuma's Castle.  This is was built by
the Sinagua indians.  Hearing their history and seeing the surroundings was
very interesting.

Our second stop that day was Sedona.  This area is known for its beautiful hill and mountain formations of bare red rock.  After seeing
the mountains of Colorado, the kids and us were really impressed with how beautfiul these are.

We stopped for lunch in scenic Tlaquepaque.  A beautiful arts and crafts village
near Rt 336 and Highway 179.

The village is full of little niches such as this one.
Note the ivy in the doorway behind Mom.

Mom was amused to see the two dressed up pigs.  As for Stephanie,
well she was bemused.

"Catch me if you can" (by Rosie Sandifer).  Being avid skaters, we appreciated this sculpture.
The village was full of art of all kinds.

We had lunch (with dessert in the desert!) at the Hidden Garden restaurant.  We had a
table outside and enjoyed the scenery and the weather.

We arrived safely in Flagstaff that day, and checked into the hotel.  The next day (4/9/07) we set out to explore the
Grand Canyon.

Our first stop off the day was the Sunset Crater.  This erupted about 1000 years ago, and
you can still see the impressive cooled lava flows.

Our first view of the Grand Canyon on this tour was from the Desert View Watch Tower.

This is the view from within the glass windows at the top of the tower.  The structure is modern, but made to
match the overal Canyon environment.  Mom and Aggie enjoyed the view very much.

View from within the gift shop that is at the base of the tower.  Christopher had his camo
baseball cap and vest on most of the time.

From the Watch Tower we headed to one of the most famous lookout points, Mather Point.
Here you see the shear drops of the Canyon rim.  Very scary and impressive.

Here they are perched on a big rock jutting out at the edge of the rim.  Yikes!

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