Agnes' 2008 Avon Walk

Walking in support of Breast Cancer Research

In May 2008, Agnes participated in the Avon Walk to support Breast Cancer Research.
This is the story of how she was able to walk almost 40 miles during the two day walk.

She started training by taking short walks of a mile or so, and then gradually increasing it to walks of 22 miles near the end of the training period.  Here she is with Bella (left) and Pat (right).

Christopher went along on a few of the training walks on his skates.  His endurance amazes us.  He was able to do a 15 miler without prior training.  His feet were a little blistered, but he never even complained.

Participants on the day of the walk signed this post to dedicate to their loved ones.

Agnes met Reese Witherspoon, the honorary chair of the event.

Here she is with Pat and some of the friends she met during the training walks.
The atmosphere was filled with excitement and camaraderie.

During the walk, you could see a ribbon of pink all the way down the walk route.  It was a great feeling to be amongs so many that share the same purpose.

We met her along the route at a few of the "Cheering Stations".

At the end of the first day, the walkers stayed at the Tent City camp.  She roomed with Pat, and had a good night's sleep thanks to earplugs.

On the walking route the second day of the event.

Here she is near the end, and receiving congratulations from her friends.

Agnes dedicated her efforts to her "Aunt Sula" in Aruba.  She is a recovering cancer patient.

Hooray!  She did it and she is still feeling great after 40 miles.

The scene at the finish line.  Lots of celebration, loud dance music, and a great party atmosphere.

Thank you very much to the donors for their financial support!
There were more than 60 persons/families.
The goal was to raise $1,800, and we achieved $2,920!
That is a generous $50 average per donor.

Curtis & Anita Harris
Nini Mar
The Chew Family
Boston Cheungs
My niece Glenda from Holland
Silvia Hoke
Rebecca Jenkins
Poets TV Aruba
Ramanathan Family
Alipour Family
Dennis Family
Sheila and Donald Leiss
Blackman Family
Jacqueline Blevins
Sharon Cooper
Mosher Family
Pradipa Lenora
Andres Padilla
In honor of Jeanne Zborowski
Clyde Boykins
The Halloran Family
Jack and Anne Borenstein
Stewart Family
Bluey-Molina Family
Margaret Leach
Jennifer Wells & Family
Sheila Buricle-Cardenas
Beng Heng Lam
Lynne Canter
Joanne Page
Steve & Durv Demers
The Reitz Family
Diane Nash
The Johnstone Family
Barbara Tuckman
Nuria Alvarez
Cynthia and Royce McClendon
Holly Battelle
Velma Jones
Jameela Alter
The Tapscott Family
Marjorie Forbes
Joyce Gross
Lorian and Carissa Lipton
Karen and Keith Taylor
Marguerite Dobrosielski
Ingrid Harrison
The Richards Family
The Goldberg Family
Cathy Swartz
Terry Hallock McRoberts
Margaret Thomas
Judith Keane
My BMCH bud, Kelly
Carole Howard
Betty Arends
Roland Kock
Barbara Brown
Stephanie and Christopher Cheung
Rita Kock
Margaret Hare
Audrey Hairston
Camille Newman

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