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Auntie R. on one of her morning runs in the heat.

One of the kids found this baby Boa Constrictor.  It is an undesirable invasive species that
is destroying native wildlife.  We had to put it down afterwards.

On this trip, the kids discovered Dominoes, we played it as I was taught by
 my school friends.  Here Stephanie is about to get Sam Sook to pass.

Blam! Another stone goes down.

Here the boys are surveying their loot of fireworks.  They are legally sold in Aruba around
the New Year Holiday.

Visiting one of the many hotels in Aruba.

Taking a cookie break on one of our island tours.

At one of Casibari's rocks.

On top of Casibari.  The Hooiberg in the background.

Climbing the 561 stairs to the top of the Hooiberg.

At the very top, at the base of the comm tower.

The view from the top.  Note the shadow of the Hooiberg in the image.
We were making shadow puppets on the island.

A bright smile at the top.

At the abandoned Gold Melting Ruins in Franse Pas.

The top offers a great view of the surroundings.

Feeding one of the wild donkeys that roam the island.

Here we are about to descend down to the Natural Bridge in the Seroe Colorado.

The Natural Bridge is a really beautiful place on the rough ocean.

This was a great vacation this year.  We all had a great time.

The second of the two Natural Bridges in the Seroe Colorado. 
A small one about 20 feet across.

Our last group picture in the Airport's departure hall. 
We left at almost the same time on 1/4/09.

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