2009 - 2010 New Year Holiday

Winter vacation in Aruba

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Robin and Pete with our great-aunt Wong.

Robin is helping out behind the bar.

Auntie Amparo and her son CJ often host us for wonderful dinners at her house.
She also often offers us the use of the "Beach House" at Opal 44.

Pete with Jay Ming in his formal outfit.

One of the longest friends of the family is Oiky Posner.  He is
closest as we come to the Godfather for our family.

Oiky and Greta host an annual Christmas dinner for their family, and we
are fortunate to be invited.

It is New Year in Aruba, so it is time for Fireworks!!

This year, Christopher was selected to light the long 200,000 shot "Pagara".

We also visited the little "Casita" New Year light display.

We visited the new wind mill farm.  It consists of ten 3KWatt Vestas unit.
At full operation, they provide for almost one fifth of the island's needs.

It was a beautiful sight to see them spinning in a row.

The tips of the windmill make an amazing wooshing sound every time
they pass.

One of the shark tooth we found at a beach near the windmills.

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