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Back to Aruba after a long absence for some of us.

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collared parrot
This Lutino Ringnecked Parrot is probably an escapee.  It is now an uncaged resident at the Aruba Beach Club where they have named him Pepe.

Agnes got a chance to do her crocheting on the quiet porch of the Divi room.

Aruba inline skating
.....and I was able to do my daily skates as I brought my 'road' set to Aruba.

On 7/17, we took a safari trip around the island with Aggie's Uncle Eddy Croes (aka  He used to be a park ranger at the Arikok Aruba National Park.  We rode in a converted military vehicle made by the Dutch vehicle company DAF.

wariruri aruba
One location we went to was this cove by the sea.  The beach under this cove is covered with smooth pebbles, and they sometimes make a cascading sound as the ocean washes
over them.  It is quite calming to stand in this cove.

One of the many flume holes along the north coast.  A small sea cave near the waterline causes this large plume of water when the waves hit it just right.  it is quite spectacular.

This spot used to be an old lighthouse.  There are no roads to this area, and the materials were brought by donkey.  The light house burned kerosene that had to be supplied that way also.  The concrete slab offers an amazing view over the coast and ocean.

triple natural bridge aruba
This was one of the most amazing sites of the safari trip.  None of us had ever been or seen this spot.  There are three natural bridges here that combine into a large column.
Next to this is a black sand beach, perhaps the only one in Aruba.
This location is here.

We all had a really great time, and some of us were just knocked out afterwards.

renaissance island
We went to Renaissance Island for one day with tickets courtesy of a friend.  We found a breezy quiet beach with shady beach umbrellas to spend the day.

The island has lots of wildlife including these hermit crabs.  We saw a fish eat a big shrimp, flamingos, conchs, and iguanas.

Aruban chef
We had a nice dinner at the Aruban chef.  The fish of the day and the goat stew is higly recommended.

Bushiri go cart track
We repeated our high speed run from a few months ago, this time with the whole crew.

They gave is a complimentary race.  It was much appreciated.

The race was exhilerating, and we raced until it was too dark to see.

Dr. Edward Cheung Center for Innovation
We visited my building to show them the organizations that are housed in it:  TNO, Europa Huis, and the Public and Private Partnerships.

RIU Hotel Buffet
We had a nice breakfast buffet at the RIU hotel with Aggie's Aunts and Uncles.  It was great to have some quiet time with them.

It was a busy two weeks in Aruba, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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