Winter trip to Aruba

Back to Aruba to see Mom

aruba trolley
We arrived in time to see the soft-opening of the new downtown trolley in Aruba.
It will run from the Cruise terminal to the end of historic main street Caya Betico Croes.

aruba trollery with mike eman
We hopped onto the trolley and the Prime Minister of Aruba Mike Eman snapped a picture with us.

christmas mass in aruba
On Christmas day we went to mass in San Nicolas.  Here we are next to Father Juancho.

party at posners
One of our traditions is now to have lunch at Greta Posner's right after Christmas.  
It is always great to see her and Oiky's family.  Our friendship goes back to
when I was born.

Roderick Kock
My youngest nephew Roderick.  He is Roland's second son.
Such a cutie.

Roderick Kock
Aggie brought him his first Hess Truck.  Vroom!

Bushiri Carting
We also went go-carting at Bushiri Track.
Always tons of fun, and Agnes decided to race a bunch of little kids
as she was tired of being passed by us.

Zumba in Aruba
Zumba at the Renaissance Mall and Marketplace
(where the white tiger used to be located).

Etty Toppenberg
We were invited to another party with the Posner's and were
thrilled to find out Aruban musical icon Etty Toppenberg
was going to perform for us.  It was an honor to meet him.

dance party
We danced the night away
(photo by Ike Posner).

Aggie's aunt and uncle
We also met with Aggie's relatives.  Auntie Jennie, Uncle Eddie (who is the park ranger),
Christopher, and Shalane Croes.

Rollie Bislik
We went to lunch at the Zeerover seafood restaurant, and met another Aruban icon,
Rolly Bislik.  His picture also hangs at the Paseo Herencia mall near mine.
Rolly is a famous swimmer, and swam the distance from Aruba to
Venezuela many years ago.  It was thrill meeting him too.

zeerover shrimp
Our lunch of fried fish and shrimp.  Wow, that was good.

Rollie's sister
The restaurant is owned by Rolly's family, and we also met his sister and husband who
live next to the restaurant in the house that Rolly was born in.

best friends
Two great friends!

fireworks in Aruba
This year, Michelle got in the act of lighting fireworks.

stop motion factory
One of the homework assignments Christopher had was to shoot a stop motion animation video.  After some thought, we purchased a small Lego set, and he set to work using Ah Yeh's old tripod and shot a wonderful video.  He got an A on the assignment.

This is the video he shot.  "Cleanup at the quarry".

Aruba Panorama
Parting view from Aruba: pano from Mom's house on the hill.
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