2013 Cheung Trip to Florida Theme Parks

Going to Disney like old times during the Hubble missions.

We flew from Baltimore and Stephanie flew direct from Pittsburgh.
It was so nice to rendezvous at gate 104 in Orlando.  We arrived
a few minutes apart.

We went to Downtown Disney and had dinner at the T-Rex theme restaurant.
It recalls what we did one year ago when we attended the retirement of Atlantis.

The next day was Thanksgiving, and we had the complimentary breakfast
at the Clarion Inn where we were staying.

First day: Universal Studios and Harry Potter World.  You can
see the 'enormous' Hogwarts castle in the back.

The town of Hogsmeade in the background.  Permanently snow covered, and our coats
blended in well with the snow scene.  It was a chilly day.

Butter bear!  Sweet, frosty and pumpkin in flavor.  Agnes brought this
mug from home for refill.  It was bought from our previous trip years ago.

We observed some suspicious behaviour at one of the shops in Hogsmeade.

We braved standing in front of Mystic Fountain.  The wise-cracking attraction did not
spray us due to the cold temperatures.

The big Trident in front of Poseidon's Fury.

Lots of Iron Man ware in the stores of Universal.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner at the Mythos restaurant inside Universal.  It was great!

The next day, we hit our favorite Disney park.

We braved Mission:Space for the first time.  I figured I could handle anything
after my Zero Gravity flight earlier in the year.  It turned out that it
was very disorienting and I was very queezy afterwards.

At the Dancing Waters just outside of Captain EO.  A well-known water attraction from
their childhood.

We met this frozen Nor-man in Norway.


We circled back to use our Fastpasses at Test Track.  It has been revamped and all
new.  Still a lot of fun on the final lap outside.

You can pose with all kinds of GM cars.

Another ride completed revamped is Space Ship Earth.  They no long try and look into the future, and speak more about today's high tech at the end.  The future looking
part is in the exhibit hall at the end.  As the ride starts, they sureptiously take your picture, and it can be featured in movies.  Agnes had a big Santa Mickey hat on with a white fur brim that threw the editing software.

On our last day we went to Disney Hollywood Studios.  

The longest wait was in Toy Story.  About 45 minutes, and one of the busiest rides.  Agnes had the high score, beating all of us.

We met the cast of the car action show.

The final attraction of the week was the Osborne's Christmas light show in New York Street.  It was an amazing sight that put us in the mood for the upcoming Christmas Holiday.  The Phantasmic show at the end of the night was great, and some of the water fog hit the crowd, but thankfully we stayed dry.

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