Summer trip to Aruba

Back to Aruba to help Mom move into her new house

SWA inaugural flight to Aruba
We travelled back on July 1 2014, and picked that flight because it was Southwest's
first international flight.  They had chosen Aruba as the destination.  In the
background you see the podium set up for the VIP speeches.

USA Today
Picture from USA today's article on this inaugural flight.

It was a festive mood on the flight.  They handed out snorkel masks
and flippers.  The flight crew and passengers were in a festive mood.

Helping Mom in her beautiful back patio and planting the waterlily I brought her.

We spent some days moving most of the furniture out of the old house.
It was a bit sad and at the same time a good feeling.
Pano from the back patio.

Mom's new back patio.  It is breezy and comfortable, even if it does not have the view.

We had a great lunch of fried shrimp and fish at the Zeerover.  A great view and great food.

We explored a beach near Zeewijk and found a sand encrusted crab we have never
seen before.

We were in Aruba for the final rounds of the 2014 Brazil World Cup.  Poets
arranged for VIP passes for us to see the games in the large screen at the
Crystal Theater.

We had five of the nine cousins that grew up in Aruba
together on this trip.

We had complimentary tickets to visit Renaissance Island, and enjoyed the snorkeling and swimming options there.  I took my GoPro3 with its waterproof case along.

There was a good amount of fish in the shallow waters around the island.

Sunset in Aruba as we head back to the island.  Closing out another great two weeks at home.

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