Every year we throw a big party for the children's birthday.  This year 's party for Stephanie was no exception.  As usual, Agnes makes the cake and pinata herself, and they usually turn out fabulous.  This year's theme was Mulan.

The cake Agnes made for Stephanie's birthday party. She turned 6.

The Mulan pinata by Agnes. It turned out beautifully.

There were friends from home and school.  From left to right: Heather
Petrie, Diana Dominguez, Carissa Lipton, Cisie and Stephanie.

Most of the kids that attended the party.  We rented a helium tank and spent the morning
blowing up more than 200 balloons.

Party Guests gathered around the cake.

Baby Ashley Petrie and the birthday girl.

Stephanie, thanking her guests for attending her Mulan party.  She turned 6 this year..

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