Vintage Volt Meters

The original analog volt meters

Weston Model 1 Ammeter
Purchased in 2020, I have wanted this particular one for a while and bought this one for $30 shipped from Ebay.  What I like about this one is the large movement that is shown off by the glass window.  It also has a varnished wooden base and a red case.  Many of the Model 1s have a black case.  It is rather small and heavy so it has a nice heft and cuteness to it.

Weston Model 1
Weston Model 1

Weston Model 5 Lab Standard

Weston Meter
Weston Meter

The Model 5 has some interesting features.  First of all, it is very large.  The base is wider than 15".  It has a bubble level to ensure the movement is set up as designed.  It also has a thermometer built in.  Presumably to be part of the reading in case that makes a difference to the meter.  Finally, it has a mirrored scale for consistent and accurate readings.  In addition, the scale is really huge (which is the point of the large size of the overal device), with many fine divisions.  This provides the highest resolution readings.

I collect meters that have the mechanism
(with the brightly colored enameled wire coil) showing.

Others to be added in the future.

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