NASA / NOAA joint project

Joint Polar Satellite System

After working so many space science missions, I decided to work on another aspect of space technology that is very important to us on Earth, and that is the area of weather satellites.  Especially in light of the warming Earth and the more intense storms it brings to the planet.  This program is not only building one spacecraft, but three.  They are replacements to the two already in space doing daily images of the weather.  These replacements are called JPSS-2, JPSS-3, and JPSS-4.

JPSS Constellation
Bottom two spacecraft are in space as of 2021 and working well (from here)

Another unusual aspect is that these spacecraft are built at Northrop Grumman's Satellite Factory in Gilbert Arizona.  That means lots of travel for Agnes and me to help the construction.  In particular, my role is to help with diagnosing problems found during electrical integration, and I started in April of 2019 after completing the RRM3 mission.

In Gilbert, AZ
At the front gate of the SMF in Gilbert, AZ

More images on my Facebook Album of our exploration of the state.

NASA page on JPSS-2

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