2003 Disney World Trip

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This trip took place between October 12 and 19, 2003, and had been in the planning stages for more than a year.
We were a total of thirteen, including Mom and all her kids and grandkids.
We all had an unforgettable time, and we wished the week would never end.


Yup this trip has an official logo.  I designed this one for our matching T-shirts.  Click it for the full size.

epcot entrance
We started the trip at my daughter and my favorite park: Epcot.  In the background: the giant golfball.
Note the matching T-shirts.  Each family provided a set, resulting in three matching sets.  This set
of T-shirts shown is by the Maryland Cheungs.

Each day we would pack a lunch and ate on the run,
and then had a nice dinner in one of the Disney restaurants.

At the entrance to the 'figment' ride in Journey into the Imagination.

That evening, we had dinner in France. One of our favorite activities is dining at the Disney restaurants and pretending you are in a foreign country.
The dinner was excellent.  We voted the best dish was the lamb with eggplant.  It was very memorable.

Day 2, and we are going to the Magic Kingdom.  T-shirts provided by my brother's family (note the same logo).
Here we are travelling on the serene boat ride across the Disney World lake.

At the end of Main Street, coming up on Cinderella's castle.  We had good weather the whole week with
just a few minutes rain total.  The hottest day was this day, when it reached 91F.

In the boat at the 'Small World' ride.  I had to take this picture blind, so I cut off half our group :-(.
This was my brother's kids first trip to Disney World.

Here we are riding the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which gives you a tour of Tomorrow Land.
It gives a great birds-eye view of that section of Disney World.

At the end of Day 2 we celebrated my nephew's first birthday at the beautiful and newly rebuilt Crystal Palace at
the end of Main Street.  How many guys do you know that had their first birthday party inside Disney World?

We had several character visits including one by Pooh.

Tigger was there too!

One of the gifts that Agnes and I got him.  A T-Shirt that reads:
The Center of the

Day 2 ended with a beautiful sunset that lit up the castle in the background.  This picture does not do the view any justice.
It was a wonderful ending to an awesome day.  All throughout our stay we stayed in touch with new Motorola 2-way
radios that we bought the whole crew.  The old radios did not have the privacy codes to keep interference down.

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