2003 Disney World Trip

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Day 3, and we are visiting the Animal Kingdom.  This day brought us the best weather of the week.  It was
almost cold in the tram ride from the parking lot!  The sky was a clear blue, and there was a cool breeze blowing.
The orange set of shirts is courtesy of my sister.

In the safari jungle ride through wildlife preserve.  Time for a nap.

Tight shot of the baby male elephant that was born in May 2003.  He is still nursing from Mom here.  My small Canon camera has a nice built-in zoom.

With Minnie outside of the Animal Kingdom.

On Day 4, we decided to take a break from Disney World, and went to Sea World for a day.

The stingray petting tank was a big hit, and the kids got to touch a few of the animals.

At the penguin encounter.  The water and air temperature inside the exhibit is around freezing.  Brrrrr!

At the Clyde and Seamore seal show.  Always very hilarious.

Day 5 (friday), and the vacation days are rapidly slipping by.  On this day, we hit the Disney MGM Studios, and visit with Mickey.

At the very exciting Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, my brother-in-law was picked to be one of the actors in the background!
 The shot in the bottom (or right)
shows him with a red towel, umm turban on his head.

We enjoyed many shows and parades during the week, here we are at the daily parade at the MGM Studios.

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