Visit to Storyland - 2004

We visited Pete in Boston and walked around the Boston Commons.  There, we took a ride
on the Swan Boats and saw 'Romeo and Juliette' the swan couple with their babies.

This sculpture, called "Make way for ducklings", is located in Boston Common and consists of a
mama duck and eight babies.  See the bottom of this page.

Boston Fire Company 7, home of Ladder 17 is right in front of Pete's condo in Boston.
While passing by, they gave us a demo of the ladder truck, extending the outriggers
and raising the ladder.  Wow.

Jaden was totally enthralled by the ladder's operation.

We also made a trip down to Plymouth MA, and on the way stopped at
the Myles Standish Monument.  A statue of the honoree is at the very top,
and a local resident we met, called this the "tallest monument in the world"
(since it is Myles in the air ;-).

The kids in front of the Mayflower II in Plymouth, MA.

At the site of the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620.  The weather was just perfect.
There was a cloudless sky and the temperature was in the high 70s.

The kids in jail...  Well no, they are at the actual Plymouth rock.  The year that the pilgrims landed is
carved into the top of it (1620).  It is protected by a portico that surrounds it.  We also walked up
Cole's Hill and visited the Plymouth Rock National Wax Museum.

This visit to the Plymouth Rock capped a very nice vacation, and prepared us for the
patriotic mood of the coming weekend, which was the July 4 holiday.

The next week, Agnes took the kids to the library and they found Robert McCloskey's book
"Make way for Ducklings".  It was cool seeing in drawing form the sights we saw in the
Boston Common such as the swan boats and the statues.

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