Christopher's 8th Birthday

Christopher had his birthday at XP Laser Sports.  He had previously played
a game at another person's birthday party, and really liked it.

Photos on this page courtesy of Dr. Will Clement.

Christopher and I with our Laser vests on.

The vest and laser gun has 7 regions where it is susceptible to hits.

Stephanie had a really good time with the sport and asked to go back
the next day.

The entire group of 10 participants.  The vests are hung along the back wall with each number.  The number is used to
track points and standing.

Picture from the XP Laser Sport web site (August 1st).

Agnes made his cake, and including flashing lights onto the surface. The twinkling LEDs gave the
cake a theme related to the Laser Tag sport.

Christopher got lots of great presents (mainly toys).

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