Visit to Pittsburgh

This visit came about because I was invited to speak at the Tech Trends 2004 conference in
Pittsburgh PA.  We then intended to continue on to Niagara Falls, but had to cancel that portion
during the trip.

At the conference I spoke about our recent results with using proximity sensors in
the Robotic Servicing Mission to Hubble.

Our first stop in Pittsburgh was at the Carnegie Science Center.  They have a
extensive miniature train display that changes from day to night scene.

The Science Center is located very near the joining of the Alleghany and Monongahela river.
It offers an excellent view of the Golden Triangle in the back of Stephanie.

View from across the Ohio river on the center where the previous picture was taken.
We took the Pittsburgh Trolley tour to see the rest of the city.

Another stop on the trolley tour is the Duquesne incline.  At the top, we can see
a complete view of the city including the Golden Triangle with its fountain.
We enjoyed amazing weather that day.  It is usually hot and humid, but it
was cool and nice that day.

Another place we visited (found on the trolley tour) is the National Aviary.
This bird was very tame and came right up to Christopher.

One of the most famous residents is "Benito".  He is a Hyacinth Macaw, which can live
as long as 80 years!  We were told that they have the intelligence and disposition of
a three year old child.  Imagine needing to care for a toddler for the rest of your life.

On the way back from Pittsburgh, we stopped at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed
house "Falling Waters".  As an engineer, I have always wanted to visit this house and
see its design first-hand.
This picture is my favorite of this trip.

This view from an overlook across the stream from the house.

Each of the three floors of the house forms a reinforced concrete tray
that is cantilevered out onto the stream.  It causes the house to extend out from the
rock face.  The stream can be reached by the set of stairs shown above.

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