Trip to Philadelphia PA

The kids had the Friday before Columbus day 2004 off, and we decided to visit Philly,
where Agnes went to graduate school (at Hahnemann University).

At the LOVE statue.
Although the color looks blue here, the water is really purple and
the spout is pink.  These special colors were added for breast cancer
awareness month.

This is the stitched panorama shot of the room at the Residence Inn right next door to City Hall.  We got a corner room with a great view.

Our first stop was the Liberty Bell.  Let freedom ring!

A view from under the bell showing the 'spider' that helps to hold the bell together.

Our next stop was Independence Hall.  Here our guide gives us the historical story next to this famous
painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. "Those men risked their lives and fortunes to sign the Declaration".

Here we are in the Independence Hall where the signing took place.

We took a carriage ride with the 76 Carriage Company. Our rider was Tammy and the horse was Sammy.  He was very interested
in trotting rapidly and wanted to finish the course as soon as possible.

That night we attended a performance of the "Lights of Liberty".  This is a tour at night of the historic sites of the city. 
Each member experiences the tour with a headset on that describes the historical events in stereo sound, and the buildings
are projected with beautiful images.  Highly recommended.

We visited the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia's science museum.  The Titanic travelling exhibit was there with this reproduction
of the Grand Stairwell.  The whole exhibit was beautiful, with reproductions of the first class cabins among many other exhibits.

Here, my daughter is riding a bicycle to power an electronic opera performance.  We also
saw a giant model of the human heart and the electrical exhibit.

We left Philly after the Science Museum and headed home after a very nice
visit to the City of Brotherly Love.

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