2005 Disney World Trip

We decided to join my Canada cousin's family on their trip to Disney World.  Initially, Lydia's family was supposed to
go with us, but she decided to cancel because Mom was coming in town to stay with her.  Since it had
been two years since we last went to see Mickey, we decided to join in and go.

Arrival in Orlando!  We typically ride the front cab in the monorail in the
terminal.  Let's us know we are going to Disney World!
Arrival was on 10/5/05.

Christopher and Mark grew very close during the week.  Here he is
 at the Legoland store building cars for the incline to race.

First park: Magic Kingdom.  The palace was decorated differently than we had seen it before.

Stephanie deciding if she wants to take the castle home with her.

First ride of the trip: Buzz Lightyear.  We battled the evil Zurg.

Second park: Epcot!  My favorite park of the four.  Here we are at the loading
area of the Spaceship Earth.

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