2005 Disney World Trip

We found a quiet area under a tent to hide from the rain.  This lady was showing us how to make
honey bee refridgerator magnets.

In front of the China Pavilion.

A new ride is Soarin'.  That is where you ride in a simulated glider in front of a huge screen.
Gives the rider the feeling of soaring in a hang glider.  Very coooool!  We used Fast Pass,
and our spot was at 3pm.  I picked the ticket up five hours earlier.

Upon our departure from Epcot, we made a rubbing of the picture of us that is etched on these slabs.
See here for that picture.

Third Park is my second favorite: Disney MGM Studios.  Note the big hat in the far background.
Compare this picture with this one.

The Joe's at the big hat.

It is a big hat, but they wear it well.

She eats her spinach and can lift, omigosh, 100 tons!

The kids had a front row seat for the daily parade.  A lot of the characters walked up to Christopher!

The last and fourth park: Animal Kingdom.  We are making some good music.

At the monkey pavilion.  My camera was next to the cold drink, and the lens fogged up.  Oops.

Hey girls, behind you..... it is a tiger.  Really.

The fearless warriors are ready to tame some tigers.

Just before going to the airport on our last day, we had enough time to drive through downtown Orlando. 
There are some unusual buildings such as this one that houses Wonder Works.

We left Orlando on 10/11/05.  The first few days of this trip were tiring, but after that I got into the groove, and we all had a great time.
Due to our familiarity with the parks, we acted as tour guides for the Joes.   Seeing the sights through their eyes made it
more fun for us, and everything felt new again.  I was surprised how much fun Stephanie had, as I thought she might
have outgrown the park's attractions.  It was nice to see how close the four cousins were during the week.

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