2006 Colorado Adventure

Due to testing that needed to be done on WFC3 hardware (DEB), we travelled to Colorado and stayed for half a month.  This was similar to the longer trip we took in 2002, when we stayed more than two months.  Although short, the kids and Agnes made the best of it, and they explored some of the old sites and some new ones too.  I joined them when I could on the weekends and evenings.  Just like the last time, stayed at the Louisville Residence Inn, although all but one of the staff members we met last time had left for other posts.

At the Big Thompson River in Estes Park. Compare to this picture.

The shops on main street in Estes Park have a back corridor that has a stream
running through it.  It is a wonderful place to stroll on a nice day like this.

After a long day of walking around, I am ready for my nap.  C'mon Daddy! Time to get up!

From Estes Park, it is just short ride into the RMNP.  Note that I have my "Ed's Cantina" shirt on that I bought in 2002.

View from atop a lookout on Trail Ridge Road.  This road gives a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains.

One of the hikes in the RMNP leads to Alberta Falls

Some chipmunks there let us get close to them (but no touchy).

Always nice to cool your feet on a long hike by soaking in the river.

At the Florissant Fossil Beds , where there are petrified trees.

At the Echo Lake near Mount Evans.  Stephanie crawled into a hollow tree (actually she is behind it).

At the Roxborough State Park where there are these beautiful sandstone rocks.  Agnes and the kids went on a two and a
half mile hike.

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