2006 Colorado Adventure II

Just as last time, we went fishing in Estes Park, and caught some delicious Rainbow Trout.

Since we stayed at the Residence Inn, we had a kitchen and could cook them up fresh.  Yum!

We took our skates on this trip and found several opportunities to visit rinks and bike paths in

Another hobby we pursue while on the road is pinball machines.  This is
at a major pinball hangout in Colorado: Lyons Classic Pinball.

They have a very nice selection of pins including this Hercules, which is the largest production machine
ever made.  It is so big, that Christopher can barely reach both buttons.

We visited the Swetsville Zoo like we did in 2002.  Here, Christopher is not
aware of the steel dinosaur behind him. Hey! Watch out!

Although we did not stay there this time, we visited an old haunt of ours at the Rockmount Cottages.
We could still hear and see the humming birds buzzing around.  Compare to this.

On our last weekend there, we took a ride into Boulder Canyon to do some close-in exploration of mountain trails with streams running along side them.
We parked alongside a promising looking waterfall, and had our lunch there.

Within walking distance of our parking spot were some nice waterfalls like this one.

Unknowingly to us, we had stopped at a popular climbing destination: Cob Rock.

While we were there, several people parked their cars alongside us, and
hiked up to climb this daunting face!  No handrails here.

A bike rack, shaped like a bike!  In Golden.

Our last image shot in Colorado.  We will leave the state with many wonderful memories, and hope to come back
in the not-too-distant future.

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