Summer of 2011

Cheung Family trip to Central Florida

Originally, we were hoping for my family to see the STS-135 launch, but did not
due to a scheduling conflict with the Colorado tour.  In the end, we made the
best of it, and continued on with the Central Florida theme park visits.

We stayed at the Celebration World Resort this time.

Most of us arrived in Florida on 7/9, we decided to take an relaxing day,
and walked around Downtown Disney.  This is near the Lego Store.

Stephanie colored this Mickey drawing and they
hung it in the store for display.

In the afternoon....  ice cream break at the Girardelli's store.  Yumm!

The next day, we checked into the Royal Pacific Hotel at
Universal Studios.  We decided to do this at it provided
us with two days of VIP express access to Universal.

Inside view of the hotel.  It was very nicely furnished.

To get to either Universal park, you could ride a water taxi or take a short walk.

This is the image I sent to the local Aruba paper for our 20th anniversary.

The next day, we went to Universal Studios.

At the entrance to Universal Studios.

One of the DMCs that was used in the Back to the Future movies.  This one has
the Mr. Fusion module on it, so it would be used at the end of the first movie.

Another prop from the movie.

Back at the hotel, the kids played a few rounds of pool volley ball.

The next day (7/12), we visited "Islands of Adventure".

Watch out for the big shark!

The main attraction of "Islands" is the new Harry Potter complex.
Lydia looks like she is ready to fight he-who-must-not-be-named.

At the entrance to HP land.  This is the view of Hogsmeade, the town next to Hogwarts.

The entrance has the locomotive that takes students to school.

We tried Butterbeer, and it tastes sweet and foamy.

Entrance to Hogwarts castle, which houses the big Virtual
Reality ride into Harry Potter's World.

It is an intense VR ride that we all enjoyed.

For brunch, we had a reservation at Three Broomsticks restaurant.

I had the typical English Breakfast.

That night, Stephanie spun her poi in Hogsmeade.

We had a great time in HP land.

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