Summer of 2011

Cheung Family trip to Central Florida

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On 7/13, we decided to take a break from the heat in the theme parks,
and split up into two groups.  The kids and I decided to
try DisneyQuest.  This is located in Downtown Disney, and
allows you to play unlimited video and pinball games with
one admission price.

We took a break to eat a bite and took a nap in one of the big chairs.

The others went to Gatorland.

They saw gators being fed, and fed some birds in the Aviary.
They probably had a better time than we did, so
if we had to do it again, we would probably join them.

That night, we had dinner at O'hanna in the Disney Polynesian Village.  We also
saw the fireworks of the Magic Kingdom at 10pm that evening.  The music of
the firework performance was played in the restaurant, which added a lot
of enjoyment of the fireworks.  We could see them from our table.

I participated in the coconut race.

We all had a great evening and the food was really excellent.  It is cooked in the big
pit in the middle of the restaurant, and then brought to you like in a Brazilian

The next day, we did our first Disney Park: Epcot.  It is my favorite.

The first attraction we saw: Test Track!


Our picture shot by the attraction.
Stephanie : Peace man, this is way cool
Ed : Oh man this shot would be awesome for my blog!
Agnes : Here goes our lunch!
Christopher : Did he say "Left?", Left, Left? OK left turn here goes!
Jaden : Hey we need to make a RIGHT turn. 
Ryan : Uhm, got to go to the bathroom, can we stop?
Lydia (not pictured) : Me CHICKEN!!!!

Soarin' is the hottest ticket in Epcot.  They regularly run out of Fast Pass
tickets.  We got ours at around 11am, and they were for 5pm return.

One of my favorite activities is to stroll around the countries of
England, France, and Italy.

It was a hot and humid day, so plenty of cold drinks and sun screen.

In front of Canada...

...and France.

This square reminds us of San Marcos Square in Venice, Italy.

On our final full day in Central Florida, we went to Disney Hollywood Studios.
They had revamped and improved Star Tours.  It is now much better,
which multiple possible sequences to see.

Uh oh, these guys look like TROUBLE.

The hottest attraction in Hollywood Studios is the Toy Story Midway ride.
There is usually a two hour (non Fastpass) wait.

Our closing image of this vacation.  We were gone from home
for three weeks (I was gone for almost one month), and
we had a great time.  But I was glad to go home after this.

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