2008 Summer Vacation in Florida

In 2008, I spent a large portion of the summer in Florida due to the preparations for the Fourth Servicing Mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.  As was the case with previous Shuttle missions, I took the family along, and we spent a lot of fun time in this state.

After arrival, we first went to Downtown Disney to get a taste of the Disney Parks without the hectic all-day schedule.  At the Disney store there, we saw a line of merchandise from "Nightmare Before Christmas", a movie that Stephanie has always liked.  She saw a nice tophat there, and she wore it the entire time in Orlando while going through the parks.  this hat is not available on all places that sell the merchandise, and we got a lot of favorable comments on her hat.  The picture below is the moment she first put the hat one.  Note the security tag is still attached.

The Hat!  It was love at first sight.  Stephanie wore it through all the parks.

The hat was big enough to hide in  8-).

We posed at the Harley merchandising store in Downtown Disney.

We also visited the Lego store as we usually do, and this was the dazzling craft
they built.  Zoom!

A fuzzy picture from our Cape Canaveral Residence Inn Hotel room.
Here is Christopher with his birthday gift, a Lego crawler vehicle.

I continued to go to work during the week, and Agnes and the kids did other touristy things such as visits to the Brevard Zoo.  They offer low-cost cayaking, and very fun activity.

They spent some time on the river inside the Brevard zoo on kayaks.

They enjoyed feeding nectar to the birds.

Lots of great looks on the wildlife that is housed in the zoo.

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