2008 Summer Vacation in Florida

We purchased 6-day no-parkhopper tickets at the Orlando store of  At the time, we paid $208 for adult passes.  Disney ticket prices go up considerably each year.  At the time, a single day pass was $71.  After four days, additional days were $2 extra.  As a result, the cost per day for 6-day passes dropped to $35.  These passes expired 14 days after their first use.  Two weeks after we purchased these tickets, the prices went up $32 for the 6-day to $240.

Our first Disney Park was our favorite: Epcot

One of our favorite parts of Epcot: Test Track!  You travel at 65 mph in a go-kart.

In another fun attraction: Star Tours.

There is a store at the exit of the attraction, and they sell authentic space helmets.

On the second Disney day, we visited our second favorite: Disney Hollywood.
A new attraction to us this time: Animation Academy.  This is where you learn to draw
a Disney character.  This was a LOT of fun for Stephanie, who loves to draw.

It's Pluto!  Note the name of the park changed in January '08 from Disney MGM to
Disney Hollywood Studios.

Christopher and Agnes drew Pluto as well.

Our instructor was Brian.  He was very good and funny as well.

On the third day we visited Magic Kingdom.

We like the Buzz Lightyear attraction in Futureland.
Note the cool hats.

Last park to be visited is Animal Kingdom.  Note the
Tree of Life in the background.

We celebrated Christopher's twelfth birthday at the Rainforest Cafe.

Next page are other non-Disney places we visited.

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