2008 Summer Vacation in Florida

One non-Disney attraction we tried was Blue Man Group.  This group is one of our favorite theater groups.

The show was a lot of fun, and we kept some of the paper that is thrown around
at the end.

Here we are at Universal Studio's CityWalk.  One of the attractions next
to Blue Man Group is Hard Rock Cafe.

We also went inside the "Wonder Works".  We call it the "upside down house".

We of course visited the Kennedy Space Center and took the bus tour into the Launch Complex 39.

At the ticket office.

The Vehicle Assembly Building. 

The view from the Shuttle launch pad viewing stands.  The view
through the binocs is shown below.

Same view of the pad, except Christopher used the
long range bincoculars to shoot this image.
Unfortunately, there were no Shuttles on the pad that day.

In the background is the mighty Saturn V.
Longer than a football field.  The most
powerful rocket ever created.

In front of the model of the Lunar Lander that went to the moon.
The crew stood upright inside it.  The hatch to the outside is
behind of Stephanie's chin.

More pictures when the Space Shuttle Launches.

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