Visit to Storyland - 2004

We made our yearly visit to Story Land on June 25, 2004.  Prior to that we flew by Southwest Airlines from Baltimore
to Massachusetts, and then drove to Conway/Glen in New Hampshire.

Last year's visit.

On the drive up from Massachusetts we stopped and had a picnic at
Loon Mountain Park.

After that nice lunch, I decided to take a nap.  The weather was just so nice that day,
and the sound of the river (in the background) was very serene.  By the time my brother
took this picture, I was sound asleep.

While in New Hampshire, we stayed at the Fox Ridge Resort in Conway.  We made the trip with sibling's families.
All six cousins can be seen in this picture.  A rare moment when they are all standing still.

Inside Story Land in Glen, NH.  Christopher is about to fall off the wall along with Humpty Dumpty.
The funny thing is that he had to hold that look on his face for a long time for everyone to get a picture
of the five of them, which cracked us all up!

We all rode the swan boats.  They each have electric motors and rudder for steering.  A nice serene
break from the hectic day.

Here with the fox from the three little pigs.  Christopher (he just cracks me up
all the time) is putting rabbit ears on the fox with that angelic look on his face.

Here they are engineering a jail break of the gangstas

The fastest ride we rode on : Bamboo Chutes, a somewhat tame flume ride, wheeee!
(I am holding up my camera to shoot a movie of the ride down).

Dr. Geyser's remarkable raft ride.  A good way to get very wet!

Back in Massachusetts, we visited Walden Pond, and the site of Henry Thoreau's cabin.

While at Walden Pond, we noticed this odd looking tree with branches in all directions.....

At my sister's house, we had a fabulous home cooked lobster dinner.
The next morning, I made everyone lobster omelets from the leftovers.

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